Ancient Curse

Wir freuen uns auf Ancient Curse

ANCIENT CURSE are back in the successful line-up of the 90s …with a vengeance!

With a total of nine songs their new Album „The New Prophecy“ offers an unbelievable range of sophisticated music without losing the red thread of the overall concept. The production is very powerful and transparent at the same time.

THE MUSIC stands out for razor-sharp riffs, melancholic acoustic intermezzos, interesting vocals and complex arrangements. This was achieved by a longstanding team-work and most professional attitude towards music.

Until now Ancient Curse always managed, either as headliner or support (e.g. for Rough Silk and Tankard), to win the audience over with their energy-packed live show.

When staying in cuba – a big success of the band in 1996 – (as the first foreign rockband since the revolution in 1959) they brought the fans to a frenzy every evening. The song „Plastic Tears“ from the album „The Landing“ became a No.-1-Hit in Cubas Radio-Rock-Charts.

Additionally the musical quality has been acknowledged nationally through diverse prizes (e.g. Radio FFN „Local Heroes“, „National Rock Prize“).


  • 1987 – „From below“ (Demo)
  • 1991 – „Contrast in Union“ (Demo)
  • 1994 – „Grains of Sand“ (Demo)
  • 1996 – „Thirsty Fields“ (Mini-CD, RAVE MUSIC)
  • 1996 – „Return of the Summer“ (Demo)
  • 1997 – „The Landing“ (CD, MUSIC IS INTELLIGENCE)
  • 1998 – „Thirsty Fields“ (CD, MUSIC IS INTELLIGENCE)
  • 1999 – „My own Universe“ (Demo-CD)
  • 2020 – „The New Prophecy“ (CD)