Ivory Tower

Wir freuen uns auf Ivory Tower.

Ivory Tower was formed in 1996, when Sven Böge, André Fischer and Thorsten Thrunke (and two another musicians) founded the combo under the incredible name AX´N SEX.Their self-produced 4-Song-CD „Victim of Time“ received a very positive reception, not only in Germany , but also in Europe as well as overseas.

After some deliberation the musicians changed the name of the band to the more suitable IVORY TOWER. They polished their styles further, and made some changes in the line-up.

In 1997 Limb Music Products and Publishing (LMP) had been quick to recognize the enormous potential of the band and offered them a contract. The first official worldwide CD release of the self-titled debut was followed by tremendous reviews worldwide. In March and April 1999 IVORY TOWER supported this album by touring through Germany with „Mob Rules“ and „Murder One“.

Over summer 1999 IVORY TOWER produced the second monsterpiece called “Beyond the stars”, released in April 2000. During that time there were extensive promotional activities all over the world.

In 2001 Stephan M., Stephan L. and Thorsten left the band due to personal reasons. The Contract to LMP was cancelled almost contemporary

After a break for a couple of years Sven and André decided to record new album and started the “pre-pre-pre-pre-pre production” on a new album working-titled „IT”.

After the recordings IVORY TOWER were -unfortunately again- looking for a new label, also looking for new bass and drum men……..and fortunately found all it

In 2006 Flo Tabbert on drums and Björn Bombach on Bass joined the band and the played some shows f. e. „Headbanger´s Open Air“ and the „Metal Bash“.

In 2007 IVORY TOWER were signed by Pure Steel Records and the album „Subjective Enemy“ (formerly known as „IT“) was released worldwide in 2008.

After supporting the album and a little break IVORY TOWER started the pre production on another album. The idea was to change the style a little bit but not to much. Get a bit, but only a bit, harder. Sing a bit, but only a bit, dirtier and sound a bit, but only a bit, easier.

In 2011 Ivory Tower switched to the new Label d.o.t.t.-records (dust on the tracks) and the album “IV” got the possibility to come into this world.

In 2012 Ivory Tower decided to extend the family and so keyboarder and guitarist Marco Matthies was adopted and increased the possibilities. In 2013 after several live shows singer Andre Fischer decided to leave the band and Dirk Meyer from Rendsburg/Germany assumes the job. And so the story goes on…Watch out for Ivory Tower on stage and expect a new album soooooon…………


Thorsten Thrunke – Drums,

Björn Bombach – Bass,

Frank Fasold – Keys,

Sven Böge – Guitar,

Diva Meyer – vocals